PowerResizer Beta 0.95

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Managing your desktop space can sometimes be a bind, and if you need some help keeping windows neat and organized, try PowerResizer.

This tiny application, which you will see running in your system tray, allows you to near automatically resize windows so you can maximize your desktop space. Grab a window and drag it to the left, right top or bottom of the screen, and PowerResizer will resize it against that side, taking up half the screen This way you can have two windows open side by side in a flash.

Hold a window with your mouse and press a numbers 1 to 4, and PowerResizer will be resized to a corner of your desktop. This allows you to have four windows fully visible sharing the space. Numbers 5 to 0 scale your window, with 0 being full screen, and nine being tiny! if you don't need it, you can disable the program easily by right clicking its system tray logo.

PowerResizer is a neat way to keep your windows organized in a regimented way. It's only failing is a lack of options - you cannot define or redefine hotkey commands, which is irritating, nor can you specify the size of each different resize command.

PowerResizer is a useful tool for anyone who regularly works between two to four windows, and needs to swap between them constantly.



PowerResizer Beta 0.95

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